APHA Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

Who are We

APHA is an association of like-minded professional hunters who promote the sustainable use of wildlife and protection of wildlife habitat by subscribing to, and, at all times adhering to, the mission and code of conduct set forth by the organization.

Mission Statement

The APHA’s mission is to ensure its members contribute to the conservation of African wildlife and habitat by continuing the critical role played by ethical, responsible, and sustainable hunting, for the benefit of generations to come.

Code of Conduct:
– We will obey the laws of the land pertaining to the countries in which we operate.

– We will ensure that our activities and conduct will at all times not bring the APHA into disrepute.

– We will under no circumstances be involved in the hunting of canned animals as that violates the principles of fair chase.

– Will never partake in the hunting of a predator that was bred and reared in captivity.

– We will not hunt genetically manipulated game for the purpose of creating characteristics that enhance the value of a species.

– We will at all times ensure the highest level of honesty and transparency in all dealings with clients regarding their safaris.

– We will at all times show utmost respect for wildlife, in particular before, during, and after a hunt.

– All members will make sure they do their utmost to try and take an animal as quickly and decisively as possible.

– Member will at all times hunt ethically – making sure their hunting is fair chase, where the game has the ability to evade the hunter under natural conditions and making sure to abide to the moral principles that govern a person’s correct behavior in regard to conducting a safari.

– Members will at all times hunt responsibly – making sure to always ensure the safety and well-being of their client(s), always remain 100% professional, and always consider the consequences of their hunting decisions and hunting activities.

– Members will at all times hunt sustainably – accepting that natural resource conservation is dependent upon our ensuring the sustainability of wildlife and wildlife habitat. As a result, no member will partake in any action that will have a lasting detrimental effect on wildlife populations or habitat.