As adopted at the AGM January 22, 2008
Reno, Nevada

We, APHA members, agree to be bound by the association’s code of ethics which require respect for the game we hunt and the habitat entrusted to us. We will obey all laws and will not engage in any unethical methods of hunting. We will make all of our clients aware of our ethical standards and insure that they abide by those standards, including the use of proper weapons and adherence to our hunter safety rules.


All APHA members are pledged to show respect for the game they hunt. We will make every effort to track up, find and kill wounded animals irrespective of whether they are dangerous or not. We will not shoot from, or near, a vehicle or aircraft; or shoot animals within a restrictive fence that in any way prevents their escape. “Caged”, artificially bred, pregnant females, immature, or previously drugged animals will not be shot. Baiting, where permitted, is acceptable, but meat will not be wasted.


All APHA members are pledged to promote, observe and initiate long term respect for the environment, the wildlife and their habitat. We will promote community involvement in safari hunting by the encouragement of village anti poaching activities and by direct monetary benefit earned from the proper legal use of wildlife; and we will assist the relevant Government Game Departments in any way possible.


All APHA members are pledged to obey all of the Game Laws and to respect the boundaries of individual hunting areas, private land, game reserves, and National Parks. We will not overshoot established quotas. We will count all wounded and lost animals on license. We will not hunt during the hours of darkness.


All APHA members are pledged to not use unfair methods of hunting. These methods include chasing of animals with a mechanized vehicle, boat or aircraft; herding or driving animals towards the hunter with any mechanically driven vehicle, boat or aircraft. We will not use aircraft, radios, artificial lights or night vision equipment, or dogs in the hunting of game, unless the methods are specifically permitted by the Wildlife Laws of the country in which we are hunting.


APHA members will not make far fetched promises and “guarantees” of obtaining specific trophies. Such undertakings will inevitably involve unsporting methods of hunting in order to obtain the “guaranteed” trophy. Neither will the Professional Hunter make suggestions to clients to hunt in an unsporting manner.
The Safari Hunting Client’s expectations must be reasonable and based on the concepts of ethical fair chase. The client must not demand or expect “guarantees” from the Professional Hunter for obtaining specific trophies. Neither should the client encourage the Professional Hunter to adopt unsporting hunting methods.
APHA members will make every effort to insure that all of our clients are aware of our code of ethics; and we will make every effort to see that our clients abide by our code of ethics.


All APHA members will insure that their clients use proper calibers for hunting big game; for dangerous game, except leopard, .375 magnum and above; for large big game and leopard .300 caliber and above; for medium game .275 caliber and above; and for small game .243 caliber and above.